Cognitran Open Polish Office


January 2013 saw the official opening of Cognitran's Polish operation. Based in Szczecin in the North West of Poland, the office will be an additional centre of software development excellence for the UK IT company. Paul Goulbourn, Cognitran CTO explained:

quotesWe had two main objectives in setting up a Polish operation, the primary driver was to provide an additional source of skilled development resource to support the continued expansion of the business, but we were also mindful of the continued cost pressures being experienced by our automotive customers and wanted to support initiatives in this area without impacting on quality or innovation.

With close integration with the UK headquarters a key success factor, Poland was selected for the new office due to its EU membership, the availability of flights from Stansted, being in the Central European Time zone and most importantly the availability of skilled development resource used to working in a UK like culture. As Goulbourn stated:

quotesThe Polish team will have five highly skilled and experienced employees already in place for the opening of the operation and this is a real testimony to both the quality of the Polish university system and the work ethic of its people.

The office will be managed by Michal Myszka who returns to Poland after 7 years working in the UK. Michal commented:

quotesThe years I have spent in the UK working on core Cognitran products will help with the integration of the Polish team within the organisation, I am very excited about the opportunities ahead.

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