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Cognitran’s Blaise CCMS helps JCB improve their Technical Publications processes whilst delivering cost savings.

Reduced cost

Costs are minimised with typically 80% of content reused across translations

Increased visibility

At-a-glance publication status provides better management control

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JCB is a global manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment. Their bright yellow livery is recognised throughout the world where it represents the quality and technical excellence required to operate demanding environments.

Supporting owners and distributors of their products requires a diverse range of publications including technical bulletins, operator guides and service manuals. With around 150 countries and over 30 languages to support, managing the production of technical literature is a major undertaking.

The Challenge

JCB was using desk-top publishing software to manage these publications with semi-automated processes for commissioning and managing translations. John McGougan, General Manager Technical Publications, Training & ILS at JCB realised that these manual processes were not only expensive, but they were also limiting JCBs global strategic business objectives.

JCB realised they need to a method by which the array of technically-advanced publications could be managed through a single platform, ensuring quality, improved efficiency and management control.

A major requirement was to provide technicians with a single source of the truth in a user friendly manner improving the technician’s working environment thereby leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Any proposed solution would need not only have to meet the current requirements, but would need to evolve with JCB processes and advancements in the future.


  • A single platform to manage publications
  • Reduce costs for translating publications
  • Improve efficiency & management control
  • A single source for technicians

The Journey

Cognitran and JCB commenced on the journey through a series of discussions, presentations and workshops, to investigate how the multi-faceted Blaise CCMS could be best utilised as the platform on which JCB could meet their Technical Publications requirements.

JCB very quickly determined that Blaise would not only meet, but exceed their expectations and together with Cognitran constructed an implementation plan. Through a truly collaborative and iterative development process a JCB customised version of Blaise , was commissioned.

In the initial phase, bulletins were incorporated into the system to ensure new workflows and working practices could be fully bedded-in before tackling the more complex types of publication.

The second phase, production of Operator Manuals, is now live and Simon Callear, CMS Project Manager at JCB is enjoying realizing the full potential of the system.

Simon was delighted with the support from Cognitran during the development and implementation of CMS.

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When you consider that 25 – 30% of every pound spent on translation has historically been for DTP, you can start to get an indication of the cost-savings, as published pages are now created automatically by the system. Also, we only have to translate genuinely new content.

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They implemented a large enterprise level solution with a highly customer-centric mind-set focused on meeting our individual needs. They didn’t just implement whatever we asked for but also helped us examine and revise our processes to get maximum benefit from the technology. They spoke to us in plain English even though they are technical experts talking about advanced technology.Simon Callear, CMS Project Manager, JCB

Benefits & Results

Customer - JCB loyal customers now enjoy the benefits of having a quick turnaround time when their vehicles require servicing.

Technicians - JCB Technicians have all the information at their fingertips which has increased turnaround time and improved their working environment.

Management - Already the results have been impressive with improved management control . At-a-glance publication status information aligned with publication development and translation is now easily managed in the UK and India.

Additionally, the maximisation of content reuse, typically 80%, has minimised translation and administration thereby greatly reducing costs.

Looking to the future JCB has implemented an authoring and publishing system that will support future business needs, including new products, new markets and a move to electronic rather than paper-based publications.

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