Digital Service Record

Introducing DSR

Cognitran's Digital Service Record (DSR) is an electronic version of the paper based Service History Book that represents a significant development in improving customer retention and increasing service and parts volumes. The solution replaces the old paper-based Service History Books, whilst integrating the same data into the view of the technician.

The DSR solution is for use by the OEM, Dealers and Owners. The system allows OEMs to develop a direct channel of communication with the owner base throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle. In particular, DSR addresses the issue of identifying the second and subsequent owner of the vehicle.

Digital Service Record

ITIS Integration

DSR fully integrates with the Cognitran ITIS After Sales Platform, enhancing the information used by service staff with customer data, ultimately improving network efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Digital Service Record

Key Points

  • Replaces printed service book with an electronic record system
  • Customers benefit through managing their own service history portal
  • Creates service history data that drives CRM activity
  • Provides a channel for OEMs to identify the new owner after vehicle sale
  • DSR data is available online to the OEM
  • Reduces potential opportunity for fraud
Dealer Connect

Equipping service advisors and technicians with the latest accurate service history information improves customer service and satisfaction. Vehicles can be selected by VIN or Serial No and the relevant service records are displayed.

DSR joins up owner data and vehicle data by connecting:

  • Up-to-date Vehicle Service History data
  • Up-to-date Owner Contact data
  • Last servicing Dealer information
  • Vehicle-specific servicing requirements

This ensures correct service and extended service items are carried out at the right time. Digital Service Record also facilitate knowledge transfer to employees in the dealer / distributor network, the data can then be used with the end customer for advisory purposes.

The information presented is accurate and matched against the vehicle booked in for servicing. The OEM will also be at an advantage as the data set can be queried globally. An immediate outcome of implementing DSR is the ability to proactively market next service and other OEM initiatives to customers.

OEM Advantage

DSR strengthens the relationship between customers and the authorised repair network, providing a multitude of benefits:

  • The ability to predict next service and drive Marketing activity based on this information e.g. missed service reminder programmes
  • Enable tracking of national or individual customer servicing activity
  • Global validation of warranty
  • Facility to capture accurate second owner data
  • Reduced Marketing expenditure through more strategic customer targeting
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of event-driven service activity
  • Equip Network service advisors and technicians with information specific to the customer to allow for increased awareness and end customer satisfaction

The Intelligence gained through increased customer and technician communication can be used to improve the After Sales operation in general. DSR facilitates ongoing progressive servicing strategy and the opportunity to provide customised upselling opportunities.