Global After Sales is becoming increasingly influenced by European legislators. Regulations aimed at addressing perceived competitive imbalance between the automotive Authorized Repairers (ARs) and Independent Operators (IOs) have been introduced and more are in the pipeline.

Legislation affects many sectors: cars, light commercial, motorcycles, on-road agricultural, construction, trucking and trailers. This Knowledge Centre is where you’ll find essential updates on legislation and and how it affects your sector.

Expert Help

Cognitran helps OEMs navigate, understand and comply with European RMI legislation. Our principal consultant, Dr Mavis Cournane has been heavily engaged in the RMI question since 2007 and advises OEMs on legislative issues.

We recognise that legislation can be complex and you don’t have the time to wade through the details. Cognitran has simplified the process and put key information in one place. Below you’ll find links to white papers and briefings for your sector.

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