About Cognitran

Cognitran specialises in complete, end-to-end e-business solutions in the area of multi-lingual content management. We help companies gain control over complex business activities and provide innovative ways to deliver information to end users via the Internet.

Cognitran expertise is proven to create state of the art solutions for data management. Our systems offer customers cost efficiencies by re-using data across multiple information types and programs. In addition Cognitran provides linguistic tools that further reduce translation costs.

Cognitran's solutions are built using non-proprietary and modular XML technology and use best in class software and techniques. Existing work has met industry-wide acclaim through the use of pioneering technology, particularly in multilingual systems.


Cognitran's technical expertise as software architects, developers and project managers adds agility, scalability and value to our clients, enabling us to deliver proven performance and cost benefits. Our knowledge and understanding of technical documentation and translation processes enables us to share specific business knowledge allowing us to:

  • Define and build applications to satisfy business requirements
  • Implement process improvements to meet both current and future requirements
  • Help manage and continually improve projects throughout the project management life-cycle
  • Ensure smooth and trouble-free software development and deployment

Our services include software architecture and development in:

  • Enterprise architecture with Java EE
  • RUP concepts
  • Relational databases
  • Web development
  • Web services and SOA
  • eCommerce

The Cognitran Team

Mark Abbot-Cole
Mark Abbot-Cole North American Sales Manager
Piotr Adamczyk
Piotr Adamczyk Software Developer
Chris Adley
Chris Adley Test Engineer
Robert Ainsworth
Robert Ainsworth IT Operations Assistant
Glenn Baker
Glenn Baker Software Developer
Richard Barber
Richard Barber Chairman
Daryl Barker
Daryl Barker Business Analyst
Nick Brown
Nick Brown Software Developer
Joshua Beresford-Davis
Joshua Beresford-Davis Software Developer
Reece Brown
Reece Brown Software Developer
Lucy Chamley
Lucy Chamley Project Manager
Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper Products Division Manager
Colin Cooper
Colin Cooper Software Developer
Mavis Cournane
Mavis Cournane Principal Consultant
Jamie Chapman
Danny Cranmer Software Developer
Piotr Czapiewski
Piotr Czapiewski Software Developer
Tony Detwiler
Tony Detwiler Technical Project Manager
Paul Dodkins
Paul Dodkins Scrum Master
Oseyemen Edeko
Oseyemen Edeko Software Developer
Leszek Ekiert
Leszek Ekiert Software Developer
Ambreen Fairburn
Ambreen Fairburn Project Manager
Karol Fernandes
Karol Fernandes Software Developer
Sanjay Fernando
Sanjay Fernando Account Manager
Karol Gil
Karol Gil Software Developer
Dawid Gliński
Dawid Gliński Software Developer
Kamil Glowacki
Kamil Glowacki Software Developer
Paul Goulbourn
Paul Goulbourn CEO
Jarosław Graj
Jarosław Graj Test Engineer
Helgard Haas
Helgard Haas Key Account Manager
Gordon Harradine
Gordon Harradine Project Manager
James Harrison
James Harrison Software Developer
Kamrul Hassan
Kamrul Hassan Software Developer
Geoff Henderson
Geoff Henderson Software Developer
Lewis Hook
Lewis Hook Software Developer
Thomas Jarvis
Thomas Jarvis Project Support
Lewis Juggins
Lewis Juggins Software Developer
Mateusz Kawa
Mateusz Kawa Test Engineer
Rudi Kershaw
Rudi Kershaw Software Developer
Maciej Końka
Maciej Końka Software Developer
Agata Kubiak
Agata Kubiak Admin Assistant
Ronnie Kullick
Ronnie Kullick Software Developer
Simone Kusz
Simone Kusz Programme Manager
Maciej Lemiesz
Maciej Lemiesz Software Developer
Jacek Lorenc
Jacek Lorenc Test Engineer
Milosz Lorenc
Milosz Lorenc Software Developer
Maciej Losiak
Maciej Losiak Test Engineer
Alan Loughlin
Alan Loughlin IT Operations Manager
Kasia MacRae
Kasia MacRae Software Developer
Marcin Malinowski
Marcin Malinowski Software Developer
Michal Maryniak
Michal Maryniak Software Developer
John Maxted
John Maxted Business Analyst
Alex McRae-Adams
Alex McRae-Adams Software Developer
Joe Methven
Joe Methven Web / UX Designer
Chee Kong Mok
Chee Kong Mok Director
Megan Mortby
Megan Mortby Project Manager
Grzegorz Mucha
Grzegorz Mucha Software Developer
Michal Myszka
Michal Myszka Head of Polish Operations
Ranjani Narayanan
Ranjani Narayanan Test Engineer
Phuc Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen Software Developer
Tomasz Nosal
Tomasz Nosal Software Developer
Jade Oakes
Jade Oakes Project Manager
Radosław Orlowski
Radosław Orlowski Software Developer
Piotr Owczarek
Piotr Owczarek Software Developer
Daniel Patynski
Daniel Patynski Software Developer
James Phillips
James Phillips IT Operations Assistant
Anthony Pounds-Cornish
Anthony Pounds-Cornish Senior Consultant
Vadim Pylypovych
Vadim Pylypovych Software Developer
Dipen Rai
Dipen Rai Software Developer
Kavitha Rammohan
Kavitha Rammohan Software Developer
Paul Richardson
Paul Richardson Project Manager
Karolina Roslonkiewicz
Karolina Roslonkiewicz Office Admin
Chris Royce
Chris Royce Solutions Division Manager
Jetnor Rrustaj Software Developer
Jay Samra
Jay Samra Web / UX Designer
Ben Schneider
Ben Schneider Chief Operating Officer
Piotr Siedlecki
Piotr Siedlecki Software Developer
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Web / UX Designer
Darren Smith
Darren Smith Architect
Marcin Smyczyński
Marcin Smyczyński Software Developer
Michelle Spears
Michelle Spears Office Manager
Stefanel Stan
Stefanel Stan Software Developer
Charles Stimson
Charles Stimson Software Developer
Alex Surdulescu
Alex Surdulescu Software Developer
Michał Świerczyński
Michał Świerczyński Software Developer
Jakub Szpatowicz
Jakub Szpatowicz Software Developer
Richard Tesh
Richard Tesh Product Manager
Rafal Turek
Rafal Turek Software Developer
Louisa Tyzack
Louisa Tyzack Office Assistant
Aaron Vaz
Aaron Vaz Software Developer
Jamie Vinall
Jamie Vinall Software Developer
James Vine
James Vine Software Developer
Karthick Viswanathan
Karthick Viswanathan Software Developer
Martin Wade
Martin Wade Software Developer
Julian Ware-Lane
Julian Ware-Lane Test Engineer
Chris Webb
Chris Webb Project Manager
Joanna Wera
Joanna Wera Test Engineer
Heidi Westwood
Heidi Westwood Project Manager
Luke Whittington
Luke Whittington Software Developer
Matthew Wicks
Matthew Wicks Software Developer
Jamie Wiles
Jamie Wiles Software Developer
Adam Zacharek
Adam Zacharek Software Developer
Patryk Zawadzki
Patryk Zawadzki Software Developer

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Senior Project Manager

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